Moritz Heusel

Moritz de

Role:  Cell torturing apprentice

Bio: Grew up with cows, went to study molecular biotech in munich where realising cows aren´t too bad after all, off to NIH/US for some eastcoast research shizzle, back to munich for a masters and first time to Switzerland for the thesis work at big pharma. After some distractions back on track towards a PhD in good ol´ Switzerland, huge group, large town (personal scale) and still there are cows around :D. Now in ultra-huge supercity, realising the inarguable upsides of this as well – temporarily. No cows so far.

Project: Interactome dynamics in – surprise – vaccinia infection

Favorite Organism:

1. Conus consors. A spearfishing snail.

2. Hydrocynus goliath. Wtf!



Favorite Color: Aquamarine turquoiseish deep blue

Favorite Candy: A second main

Fighting style: Mojo moves

Master of: Science? At least that´s what these guys in Munich said xD.


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