Top 10 Yo’ Virus Jokes

Talkin’ trash about the beloved Poxviruses

Yo virus so damn ugly …the Russians locked it in a vault in Siberia

Yo virus so hipster it has 200 genes but no shoes!

Yo virus so ugly… the cell wraps it in two membranes to hide its face!

Yo virus so fat… when it enters a cell, vesicles orbit around IT!

Yo virus is so ugly, it gets mistaken as a dead body

Bashin’ on HIV..the virus nobody loves

Yo virus so ugly it needs ESCRTS to take it out 

Yo virus so small need VIR-agra!

Yo virus so hipster.. it squats in macrophages for years without paying rent!

Yo virus so dumb… it transcribes backwards 

Yo virus so boring…during transmission the cells take sy NAPS